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10 questions to ask VCs - when you're raising seed

  1. How do you handle bad news?
  2. How many deals do you make in a year?
  3. What percentage of those deals do you invest in subsequent rounds?
  4. How many boards do you sit on?
  5. If I were to ask one of your founders what your strengths and weaknesses are, what would they say?
  6. What are the metrics you're looking for in a company to invest in their Series A?
  7. Talk to founders they funded that had to shut down or sold early, ask how they behaved
  8. What companies in the portfolio do you think we could partner with? Also talk with those related in the portfolio.
  9. How much money do you usually allocate to invest in future rounds?(per company)
  10. What is his/her mode of communication?
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